StrataCore voegt Previder toe aan internationaal provider portfolio

StrataCore, datacenter, IT-infrastructuur, connectivity en cloud service agent in Noord-West Amerika, heeft Previder toegoevoegd aan haar portfolio. Met het partnerschap bundelen StrataCore en Previder de krachten om colocatie en cloud services aan te bieden aan Amerikaase organisaties die uit willen breiden naar Europa.

"Previder, conveniently located in between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, offers direct connectivity to the world’s two largest Internet Exchanges, AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt). This low latency, fully redundant connectivity allows for secure and reliable access across the globe.

With the growth of the digital economy, many companies in the US are realizing the need for infrastructure expansion in order to meet the demands of their international customers; as well as comply with changing data privacy regulations. For this reason, StrataCore is focused on developing its international provider portfolio in key locations with highly reliable, financially secure, and customer-focused data center, cloud, and connectivity providers."

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